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Securing the Survival of HIV Free Generations in KwaZulu Natal (SSHIV)

Location: KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Duration: 2010-2012

Donors: UNICEF and the South African Department of Health

Project Description: The SSHIV's was designed to pilot test the Accelerated National Framework on Maternal, Child and Women's Health & Nutrition (MNCWH&N) in KwaZulu Natal with an emphasis on producing unified training materials for community MNCW&N and on training of trainers for Community Care Givers (CCG) and Community Health Workers as well as their supervisors on MNCWH&N and community-based PMTCT. The SSHIV project's goal was to improve the health and nutrition status of mothers, newborns and children through community based interventions.

The SSHIV project drew on MCDI's previous USAID- and UNICEF-funded child survival project experience in South Africa through which MCDI gained experience in programming for the prevention of transmission of HIV from mother to child (PMTCT) with emphasis on establishing community based PMTCT support groups facilitated by a cadre of community based workers called Family Companions.

A key project strategy was collaboration with the KwaZulu Natal Department of Health to develop an integrated and uniform training curricula on community MNCWH&N for the CCGs. This included development of a participant's manual, a trainer's manual, CCG flip charts, job aids, referrals and reporting tools and other necessary guidelines, as well as training of all Community Health Facilitators and CCG Supervisors in KwaZulu Natal.

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