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ZICORE November 2018 Bulletin (Spanish)

El consorcio "Respuesta Comunitaria al Zika" -ZICORE- por sus siglas en inglés, centra sus acciones, en el marco del fortalecimiento de la participación comunitaria en la respuesta al Zika, siendo el objetivo, mejorar y ampliar los esfuerzos existentes en Guatemala y El Salvador; teniendo como meta lograr una respuesta eficaz para la prevención del virus del Zika.

Making Malaria Care More Accessible and Effective

Malaria remains a fact of life for billions of people around the world and is a leading cause of illness and death across sub-Saharan Africa.

PAPHyR Bulletin #1 (French)

MCDI's Community Led Total Sanitation project in Benin

ZICORE Guatemala August 2018 Bulletin (Spanish)

Involucrando comunidades en respuesta al Zika.

Upgrading Skills and Standards in the Private Sector

An estimated 65% of Beninese seeking treatment for malaria visit private health facilities, many of them informal.

Technical Working Groups for Continual Improvement

ARM3 has worked closely with the NMCP to achieve all the conditions required for success.

ARM3: Summary of Key Achievements

Benin's National Malaria Strategy calls for eliminating malaria as a public health threat by 2030.

ARM3: Summary of Key Achievements 2011–2018

Benin's National Malaria Strategy calls for eliminating malaria as a public health threat by 2030. ARM3 was developed to measurably and significantly speed up progress toward that goal.

Helping Pregnant Women Protect Themselves from Malaria

Malaria is the leading cause of mortality for both pregnant women and children under five in Benin.

Intermittent Preventive Treatment: Helping Pregnant Women Protect Themselves from Malaria

Malaria is endemic in Benin. Everyone in the country is vulnerable, but the disease poses particular risks for pregnant women and infants.

Case management: bringing malaria education, prevention, and treatment to the people

ARM3 has worked closely with the Ministry of Health of Benin to revise policies, guidelines, and tools for integrated community case management (iCCM).

Improving the Supply Chain for Malaria Commodities

In 2015, the Ministry of Health, with support from ARM3 established a pooled mechanism for all malaria commodities.

Supply Chain Management for Malaria Commodities: The right amount, place and time

In its National Malaria Strategy, the Government of Benin set an ambitious 2030 target of eliminating malaria as a public health threat and reducing malaria-related mortality to near zero.

Improving Malaria Diagnostics

Prompt and accurate diagnosis of malaria saves lives.

Behavior Change Communication (BCC)

The Government of Benin's malaria strategy sets ambitious targets for the reduction of malaria as a public health threat.

Behavior Change Communication (BCC): for Malaria Prevention and Treatment

Malaria is endemic in Benin and everyone in the country is vulnerable.

Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment Fact Sheet

Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death from cancer for women in the developing world.

Water Supply and Sanitation Fact Sheet

The world succeeded in halving the number of people without access to safe drinking water in 2010. But such progress belies the fact that today, 780 million people still have no access to clean water, and over 35 percent of the world's population lacks access to improved sanitation.

HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Fact Sheet

The world has made enormous progress in the fight to end HIV/AIDS. But 37 million people are living with the disease and new infections continue to occur every year—faster than people are receiving treatment. Sub-Saharan Africa remains most severely affected, where nearly 1 in every 25 adults live with HIV.

Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Fact Sheet

Women and children in the developing world suffer poor health and premature death from common illnesses that elsewhere would be preventable and easily treatable. For 30 years, across three continents, MCDI has built strong, sustainable health systems that save the lives of mothers and their children.

Malaria Diagnostics and Treatment Fact Sheet

MCDI's technical experts have contributed to the development of major WHO guidelines on malaria diagnostics, including the Microscopy Quality Assurance Manual (2009) and the WHO Malaria Diagnostic Testing manual (2011).

Malaria Prevention and Control Fact Sheet

MCDI has incomparable experience leading major malaria control projects. Building government, community and individual capacity to prevent, diagnose and treat malaria is the organization’s legacy mission, and one it has successfully carried out in more than 15 countries.

Performance-Based Financing Fact Sheet

MCDI works with the World Bank and local governments to improve healthstrengthen health systems through Performance-Based Financing programs.

Zika Fact Sheet

Bringing years of expertise in vector control, behavior change communication and community mobilization, MCDI is at the forefront of the Zika response in Guatemala and El Salvador.